To Lounge or To Seat Is The Question

Characteristics of a lounger tub include:

  • A moulded full body lounger to lay down includes:
  • Therapeutic jetting that targets your entire body from neck to feet
  • Less "upright" seating in exchange for "lay down" full body therapy

Advantages to a lounger:

  • Full body circuit therapy without having to move from seat to seat
  • Having a custom moulded lounger that is made to lay down in instead of trying to lounge sideways in an upright seat.

Characteristics of a lounger tub include:

  • Additional ergonomic "upright" seating in place of a "lay-down" lounger seat.
  • Therapeutic jetting that targets different parts of your neck, shoulders, and back depending on which seat you are in.
Advantages to having "all seats":
  • Being able to fit more bathers without having to go with a larger spa. (The lounger takes up more space)
  • Having extra seating that gives you more options with your "circuit therapy" (rotating around the tub to each seat, focusing on one muscle group at a time)