Mont Blanc Super Luxury 6 Seat Spa

Sold out

Mont Blanc Super Luxury 6 Seat Spa

Sold out
  • This 6 person super luxury hot tub really is a bit special. It has a stunning modern design, with premium perimeter lighting, LED jets and 35 high power massage jets, the perfect addition to any home. Available from as little as £12 a week, reserve yours today.

  • Size 2100*2100*880 mm
    Water Capacity 1500 Litre
    Seats 5 persons
    Lounge 1 person
    Shell Material Aristech Acrylic
    Shell Color White Marble
    Total Jets 35 massage jets
    Massage Pump 2  x 2HP LX Pump
    Circulation Pump 1  x 0.35HP
    Control System USA Balboa Control Panel
    Spa Light 5" Footwell LED + Perimeter Lighting + LED Jets
    ABS Bottom Base
    1 set
  • Our delivery service starts from £499 but does vary based on which level of installation that you require.  Once you have placed your order we will discuss which of our delivery solutions best fits your situation and time scales.

  • FAQ

    Q - Do I have to take a credit check for the weekly offer?
    A - Yes, the product is financed through a panel of lenders and is taken on a monthly basis starting one month after install. Please note you must have good credit to apply!
    Q - How do I apply for finance?
    A - You can do a finance application once you have chosen your perfect spa. This is found in the product section of the website. It will take you to a link to the finance provider for you to complete the application
    Q - What if I have had any bad credit, CCJS, missed payments etc in the past?
    A - Unfortunately our finance provider wouldn’t approve. However, we do accept debit/credit cards as an alternative method of payment. Please note balance would be payable on delivery as we don’t do payment plans with a debit card.
    Q - What deposit is required to secure my luxury spa?
    A - If you take our finance option once the application is approved we would require a minimum of £50. Alternatively, we would require 10% of the value on cash terms.
    Q - How is access checked to see if I can get the spa into my garden?
    A - We understand delivery is not always easy. However, there is always a solution! If you are unsure we would require some photographs from you to survey the property and advise from there from our expert installers.
    Q - What base can I fit my spa on? A - We recommend a solid base for example slabs, hardcore, stones to keep the spa level at all times.
    Q - What is the difference between a plug and play 13 amp spa and a 32 amp spa? The major difference is that our plug and plays plug directly into a standard output and are generally cheaper to buy upfront. You would find that the 32amp ones that need hard wiring in by a qualified electrician would have slightly more jet power. Please call if you would like to know more. 08001700269
    Q - What are the running costs?
    A - We have included extra insulation in all the bases of our spas to reduce running costs. You will be looking at an average of approximately £1.50 per day to keep them running. Its also more cost-effective to keep these running rather than keep reheating as this takes more energy to get them up to temperature


Hot Tubs on Finance

We have some amazing deals for Hot Tubs on Finance, simply click "More Info" below to find the perfect finance option for you, then set-up your hot tub above and click "Apply for finance" to start your application.

Please Note: You must be over 18 years old and have a good credit history with no IVA's, Debt Relief Orders, recent CCJ's or defaults. You must be a permanent UK resident and lived in the UK for the last 12 months (we currently do not provide loans to Channel Islands or Isle of Man. You must be employed. You are not aware of any significant lifestyle changes which may adversely affect your ability to continue making payments in the future.

Fitted with industry leading control panel

Our hot tubs use industry leading spa control systems.  Smart technology systems that ensure a superior experience. Time setting let you use the spa with ease.  You can use the fitted control panel or as an additional extra you could even download the app to control your spas functions from your phone.

So whether you are looking to select your favorite tune or set the mood with the lights, you can all of this at the click of a buton.

RGB LED Premium Lighting

Create a warm romantic look and feel or maybe a more high octane party feel with our incredible LED spa lighting that is included with all of our spa's

Set the prefect mood with fully adjustable LED mood lighting which can be used with time setting to create the perfect ambience.

Upgraded Relaxing LED Water Fall

The beautifully lite LED water fall creates a relaxing sound to compliment the massaging jets when you are looking for that relaxing spa session or our luxury waterfalls simply add to the fun when you enjoy the spa in a more party atmosphere .

Create your own perfect colours to create a warm and comfortable environment or to lift the mood to a more party look and feel.

Hydro Jets

This is where our spa's really stand out from the rest, our hydro jets! Our spa's have more hydro jets than our competitors per equivalent model and when your buying a spa "Hydro Jets are King".

Our innovative, patented jets are designed to target specific muscle groups. Enhancing your enjoyment to a higher and superior level. Jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage from neck to foot.

Compare our premium Hydro Jets.

Bluetooth Audio System

Enjoy your favourite tunes in the comfort of your luxury spa, via Bluetooth Audio safe in the knowledge that you don't have to have your phone or tablet with you in the spa.