Platinum Service Package

Get everything you need to keep your Hot Tub running in perfect condition all year around!

  • A years supply of Bayroll chemicals
  • A full top level service (or)
  • Priority call-out when you need us inc. full service

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This is our Essential Service Package, we recommend that your Hot Tub has an essential maintenance service completed once a year.

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Make sure you care for your tub with our Professional Service Package that will keep your tub running better and for longer.

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Look after your investment with our Premier Service Package giving you the peace of mind that a regular service will keep your Hot Tub in the best condition.

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Essential Professional Premier
Remove & Chemically Treat Filters
Remove & Clean Headrests
Fully Drained
Removal of Residue Water
Clean Jet Internals
Cabinet & Panels Cleaned
Clean & UV Protect Spa Cover
Acrylic Waterline Cleaned
Inspection of Heater Tube & Terminals
All Pumps Seals Inspected For Signs of Leaks
Installation of New Heater Tube Seals
Filter & Circulation Impeller Inspected
Rinse & Re-Fit Filters
Tighten All Plumbing Fittings
Fresh Spa Water Replenishment
Chemical Shock Treatment
Remove All Pump Air Locks
Ozone Function Check
Air Control Function Check
Check All Valves
Check Water Diverter
Run a SPA Test
Electrical Component Check
Electrical Pump Check
Electrical Heater Check
Electrical Blower Check
Electrical Ozone Check