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How A Hot Tub Can Help With Everyday Workouts

A heavy workout or even an a simple one can take a toll on your body so it is always good to have a regime when you have finished that run or workout in the gym and your hot tub is just perfect.

Having a soak in a nice warm bath will do the job but one of our Online Spa hot tubs is even better, besides this incredible providing relaxation and often much-needed pain relief, relaxing in a hot tub spa has been proven to aid in faster muscle recovery, reduced joint pain and sleep regulation.

When you spend time in a luxury Online Spa's hot tub, your body undergoes physical changes in your blood circulation, metabolic rate, and helps with core body temperature.

When you think about it have you never wondered why every good gym, spa and sports centre has a hot tub. Even the experts admit and often recommend hydrotherapy to reduce joint and muscle pain and improve workout recovery.

Furthermore, a large factor in the effectiveness of a post-workout hot tub recovery is timing.
After an enduring exercise, relaxing in a hot tub sounds perfect. However, to reduce muscle inflammation and get the most out of your experience, it’s better to wait until your muscles have cooled off and your heart rate has dropped back down to normal.
Constricting blood flow to inflamed muscles with cold packs or cold water before using a hot tub has the best results. Use a cold pack or cold water for about 10 or 15 minutes, followed by 10 to 20 minutes in a hot tub. This practice can save you plenty of hardship and will reduce muscle soreness the day after you exercise.
Hot Tub Use as a Warm Up
Working out without stretching first is a common cause for workout-related injuries. Runners and athletes who perform full-body workouts know their muscles and tendons need to be warm and relaxed if they want to avoid injury.
Hot tubs dilate blood vessels to allow increased blood flow to your extremities and warm muscles to reduce tension. Therefore, a 10-minute soak in a hot tub combined with stretching is the perfect preparation for strenuous weightlifting and repetitive body motion.
Don’t be surprised if you experience a wider range of motion after spending time in a hot tub. This is just another positive side effect of the heat and body massage provided by hot tubs.
Have you ever noticed how your body tends to melt into whatever piece of furniture you rest in after using a hot tub?
For the many people who have insomnia or irregular sleep, a hot tub could be the best thing to help prep for bed.
A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology in America, when they observed people who have insomnia sleep more deeply and soundly after a hot bath. This method cited in the study as “passive body heating” (PBH), is easily attained by the use of a hot tub.
It also has the added benefit of relaxing each muscle to avoid aches and pains which may pop up in the middle of the night.
Building a routine of using a hot tub in the afternoon reinforces regular sleep cycles and deep, restful sleep. This improved sleep will, in turn, help your muscles recover faster so you can work out again sooner.
An outdoor spa is a way to absorb nature and take in surroundings after a long day at work, after a workout, or anytime you need to recharge. Relaxing in a spa is important to time spent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Relaxation and silent contemplation are necessities many people take for granted. Spas allow anyone to escape from the world for a little while, to clear your mind and let all the stress escape from your body.
While in a hot tub, you’ll be provided with a relaxing place to read a book, let your mind drift freely without worry, or spend time with friends and family.
Sometimes the greatest hot tub health benefit is taking time to forget about everything else and treat yourself to something nice.
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