Now, before the Online Spa's installation, there are a couple of things you need ensure are completed before we deliver your hot tub spa or swim spa is delivered to site. You need to ensure that the area such as decking, patio or pad is ready for the installation. This will ensure that the delivery goes smoothly with no delays or additional charges.

When Online Spas deliver and install hot tub spa's or swim spa's, we usually do a site visit to ensure there are no issues with access or potential problems where the spa is being sited on the day. Before installation you will need to prepare the following:-

Preparing For A Hot Tub Spa Or Swim Spa

All hot tubs spa's and swim spas need a good solid, level and flat base to allow even distribution of the weight when full as uneven weight distribution may cause shell or structural damage very quickly so prepare, prepare and prepare (we can always help with your trades to offer help and advice). Once the hot tub spa or swim spa is in position, it is not possible to self-level. So it is essential that the ground is level before hot tub spa or swim spa delivery and installation.

The base needs to be able to take the weight of the hot tub or swim spa including water and people. This can be over 1 tonne for a standard hot tub model. And much more for a swim spa. Online Spa's will be able to give you the full water weight before you prepare the base.

Suitable bases include:
  • Concrete slab (ideally between 4-6 inches thick).
  • Existing stones/slabs.
  • Patio.
  • Hot tub base/pad.
Grass is not a suitable base as it will not evenly distribute the weight. And may result in the hot tub or swim spa sitting off level.

Top tip: Measure the hot tubs spa's or swim spa steps and create an additional concrete slab for these to sit on. This allows the stairs to be level and adds some extra height for ease of access.

Can I Sink My Hot Tub Into The Ground?
You may want to sink you hot tub fully or partially into the ground. We would always recommend that you don’t do this. As it can cause problems for future maintenance or repairs if ever needed!

However, if you are set on it. We insist that at minimum the side housing the pumps and controls is left clear or has easy access. If for any reason access to the other sides is needed in the future, you will be physically and financially responsible for moving the hot tub out to be accessed.

Electrical Supply For A Hot Tub Spa Or Swim Spa
Hot tub spa's and swim spas run on electricity. So they will need an electrical supply.

The exact electrical supply will depend on the hot tub spa you need. Hot tubs spa's are usually 13 AMP (plug and play). 32 AMP. Or in some cases 40 AMP. The most common electrical supply needed for a domestic hot tub spa is 32 AMP.

Swim spas will need more than this and it can be up to 50 AMPS.

You will need to get a certified and qualified electrician to install your hot tub and swim spa electrical supply. You should speak to your supplier so you know exactly what AMP electrical supply you need. Please be wary of over-powering the hot tub or swim spa as it sometimes suggested by suppliers. The power supply should be related to the power necessary for the hot tub, so that if there is a problem it trips and doesn’t catch fire.